The latest creation from unklepop is the DRUM Audio Unit. 


DRUM uses virtual analog sound modeling techniques to produce a rich sound. Built on Apple’s Audio Unit V3 technology you can use DRUM in your favorite application like Garage Band, AUM and more!


Audio Unit v3

Ableton Link

Over 50 drum sounds

Full customization of sounds

Getting Started

The DRUM app lets you quickly program beats and jam with other apps connected with Ableton Link.  Then take your mix to the next level and load the DRUM Audio Unit into your favorite music app.

Start Stop    -    Starts and stops sequencer

Link            -    Ableton Link settings

-/+ BPM        -    Adjusts sequencer tempo

Save        -    Saves current session

Load        -     Loads a saved session

16 Step Buttons

Each step represents 1/16th of a measure.

Steps are grouped 4 steps per beat.

4 beats per measure.


Touching a step sets a trigger for that drum sound.


First touch is 50% velocity, second touch is 100% and third touch removed the trigger.

Tuning Drums


    Level - Adjusts the Volume Level of the selected sound

    Pan    - Sweeps the audio between the left and right channels



    Tune - Changes the Frequency of the sound that is playing

    Tone - Filters sound between low and high frequencies

    Decay - Determines how long the sound will play after it is triggered



    Click - Adds a audible click to the attack of the sound for more emphasis

    Snappy - Adds a noise signal and used to tune snare drum sounds



    Depth - Changes the low fidelity bit depth of the sound

    Drive - Boosts and clips the sound

Using In Other Apps

Garage Band

1. In your song open a new External Instrument. Choose Audio Unit Extensions.

2. Select DRUM from the list of available Audio Units.

3. Click the knob icon in the transport to expose DRUM’s controls.

DRUM will work with any AUv3 compatible Host application.


For instructions on how to load DRUM within a specific app, see that apps documentation and choose the DRUM audio unit.